Safe & Reliable Dongas

Temporary site-office and accommodation solutions

Our Dongas are the perfect makeshift or temporary dwelling and provide multi-purpose site-office and accommodation solutions for all types of industries in Western Australia.  No matter if they are used in the furthest reaches of the outback, or right here on a construction site in Perth, our Dongas offer a safe and reliable work-site shelter, office or staff quarter’s option.

Why Choose an Albec Donga?

All of the Dongas that we supply our clients with are transportable modular buildings and manufactured to the highest standard, using only the best Australian materials and designs. They can be installed quickly, are cost effective and can even be customised upon request. They are in fact the perfect temporary modular housing or versatile work building option for the climate in Western Australia.

When you purchase an Albec Donga you get:

  • An Australian made product made from high quality Australian raw materials
  • More than enough room inside the Donga thanks to its 14.4m x 3.4m dimensions
  • Four rooms (including an en-suite bathroom on request)
  • A Donga for an infinite number of different applications and all budgets
  • A temporary shelter built with insulated panels that offer excellent cooling and energy efficiency features
  • An easily transported temporary building
  • Specially designed heavy duty steel sub-floors
  • Air conditioning (on request)
  • Commercial-grade vinyl floors
  • Ultra high-quality Donga windows and doors
  • Lights and power points
  • Hard-wired smoke alarms(on request)

Did you know? On request all of our transportable modular dongas can include detailed finishes such as company branding and highly efficient climate control features. This means that they will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable in any weather conditions no matter where in Western Australia you might find yourself.

Purchase A Donga From Albec

Contact us today to purchase a quality built Australian Donga from Albec! We can supply a wide range of Dongas to businesses or individuals anywhere in Western Australia.